Whole World Of Pain! Acupuncture Myths #5

There are a lot of myths about acupuncture, a medical model that has been around for over 4000 years and used successfully to improve the health and well being of people around world.

As busy professionals taking care of ourselves is vitally important. Acupuncture can be a great way to do just that.

Don’t let the myths put you off, here is the fifth in a series of acupuncture myths that I hope will lead you down the path to discovering how acupuncture can ease many of your daily concerns.

Myth 5: Acupuncture is only useful in treating pain.

Fact: It’s true that acupuncture helps relieves pain, including knee pain; back pain; headache; stomach pain and menstrual cramps.

However, acupuncture is also used to treat nausea/vomiting, chemotherapy side effects, morning sickness, hypertension (high blood pressure), skin problems, depression, infertility and lots of other conditions.

In my own practise I regularly treat women who are going through fertility treatments. The body must be in balance in order to receive the fertility treatment positively. Acupuncture can help to balance the body and mind, it has been known to regulate the menstrual cycle and increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

Also do not underestimate the power of acupuncture in relaxing the mother as she prepares. Taking the stress out of a high stakes, highly emotive process can be very satisfying for me as a practitioner, this is an area of practise I particularly enjoy.

 The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the British Acupuncture Council both have list of health conditions which benefit from acupuncture treatment supported by research evidence.

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