JB, female, aged 82

“For several years now I have been having sciatica like pains in my left hip and leg after being diagnosed with arthritis in my lower spine. I already had physiotherapy unsuccessfully and was now taking lots of painkillers to help dull the pain. A friend asked if I had tried acupuncture. I hadn’t but she said it helped her recover from sciatica really quickly.

I found out about Balquees from her and made an appointment to see her. I have had several sessions with her and discovered the sciatic and arthritic pain reduced greatly after a couple of sessions. The pain was sharp and stabbing before I had my first session with her and immediately afterwards the pain changed to an ache. In my next session I was surprised to find the pain disappeared as soon as she put the needles in and I was fine for the next few days, needing no painkillers. I continued with acupuncture treatment for another 10 sessions, spread over 4 months, in which I ended up taking less painkillers and sleeping better. For me the aim of acupuncture was to reduce the amount of pain and the type of pain I was in; I knew my condition wouldn’t get better but I wanted it manageable where I could forget about it and get on with my life. Acupuncture has helped me do that without the need for taking drugs for life.”